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Meet Biggie, a gorgeous German Shephard who was unfortunately abandoned in a man-made river by his previous owner.
This hapless pup was stranded there, unable to get out for miles in either direction, but his luck was about to change. For two weeks the nearby residents would throw him food and scraps to eat so he wouldn’t starve while they figured out a plan for a real rescue operation. Eventually, one of the neighbors called in to Hope for Paws foundation and the rescue was underway!  
Thanks to some help from a few of the neighbors they managed to procure a ladder long enough to span the 20-foot drop and one man went down. He could tell the dog was an older shephard, likely abandoned because he was becoming more needy in his old age, but you can tell he’s not a bad dog at all. Luring him in with some food and some soothing words the dog met his rescuer for the first time, but the moment a leash was revealed he immediately backed away. Fortunately the guy was able to get close again, and this time decided to cover his eyes before pulling the leash out. You can watch the entire rescue in the video below, the way they managed to pull him out was ingenious and may come in handy in the future anyhow!  

It’s a shame that cases such as these are still so prominent these days, especially when we all know better. That dog could have just as easily been given to an animal shelter or even put up for adoption on Craigslist, but at least he’s not in more loving, capable arms. 


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