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Some of our favorite foods are extremely beneficial in the case of cancer, as they inhibit cancer growth, did you know that?  

The newest medical research found out that these foods can be even more powerful than chemo.  

Now you are probably wondering which foods we are talking about. The 7 foods we present today contain strong anti-angiogenesis properties, and they hinder the supply of the blood to the cancer cells.  

Hence, scientists advise the consumption of them in order to regulate angiogenesis, which successfully inhibit the development and spread of the malignant cells.  


These are the following:  

Curry, Green tea, Dark chocolate, Raspberries, Blueberries, Tomatoes, and Red wine.  

Angiogenesis is the normal process of formation of blood vessels, which is more active during some periods in life, for instance, in newborns. But it is reduced later in life, except for some particular cases, as the restoration of tissues and capillaries in wounds. Usually, activators and inhibitor molecules are responsible for the regulation of this process.  

We can say that inhibitors are generally more important, but the activators of angiogenesis improve the growth of vascular cells for the formation of new blood vessels. When they are completely developed, cancer cells normally release the angiogenesis activators due to the need of more blood vessels for nutrient supply.  

Recently, modern medicine created There are drugs named Inhibitors of Angiogenesis, which differ from the chemotherapy, because they don’t fight tumor cells, but prevent the development of blood vessels to the tumor.  

Red wine  
Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, commonly found in the skin of grapes. is found in red wine. Many studies have demonstrated that resveratrol successfully kills  bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  

Besides that, this incredible ingredient has numerous other benefits, including enhancing glucose tolerance to diabetes, improving the physical and mental condition, eliminating the dangerous free radicals, prolonging the life of animals, improving heart function, improving the energy production of cells, and preventing cell destruction caused by nuclear radiation.  

200-600 mcg a day is the recommended dosage of it. But 225 ml of red wine delivers about 640 mcg of resveratrol.  

Coffee and green tea  
Coffee and green tea are extremely beneficial, and may also help in the struggle against different kinds of cancer.  

Dark chocolate  
Sweets shouldn’t be completely avoided in the fight against cancer, for example, dark chocolate is extremely healthy, it promotes heart health, enhances your mood, and combats malignant cells.  

Blueberries and raspberries  
Blueberries and raspberries stop angiogenesis and reduce oxidative stress, so they are very much effective in preventing different types of cancer. 
A Harvard research showed that participants who consumed tomato sauce or cooked tomato more than 4 times a month had a reduced prostate cancer risk by 50%.  

Tomatoes are anti-angiogenic because are rich in lycopene.  
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