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When St. Louis police officer — Blake Snyder, 33, was killed in the line of duty in October 2016, he left behind his wife, Elizabeth, and their 2-year-old son, Malachi. 

Blake Snyder was a four-year veteran of the force who was responding to a disturbance call in the early morning hours of October 6th. Upon arriving at the scene, the suspect, 18-year-old Trenton Forster, pulled a pistol and shot him point blank. 

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St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said, “It was an immediately fatal wound.” 
Upon hearing about Snyder’s death, another police wife from Granite City, Illinois, did something incredibly thoughtful and touching for Snyder’s heartbroken family. 
The police wife from Illinois reached out to a company named Thea’s Blessing Bears and sent Malachi a precious gift: two teddy bears made out of his father’s police uniforms. 
“She wanted us to have a piece of Blake with us, always,” said Elizabeth Snyder. 

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One teddy bear is wearing a patch from the St. Louis County Police Department. The other is stitched with police identification No. 4153, which belonged to the 2-year-old’s father — Officer Blake Snyder. 

The family are trying their best to cope with their grief, but it’s difficult. 
In a heartfelt post on Facebook, Elizabeth writes: 
“It’s been 10 days…10 days since my heart was ripped from my chest. 10 days since my other half was taken from me. This pain that hasn’t subsided, that hasn’t alleviated, is unbearable and unending. But this child here- he has been the hope in my heartache. He is the reason I get up each day. The reason I keep it together as best I can. The reason I push through.” 

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Elizabeth Snyder, who grew up in a family of law enforcement officers, said she and Blake had talked about the grim possibility, but she never expected it to happen. 
She said when Malachi first saw the bears, he said, “Bears, bears!” and then called out for his father. “He definitely knows there’s a connection between the bears and Blake,” she said. 
With Malachi being so young, the mother hasn’t been able to properly explain to her son why his father is gone. 

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Although Malachi has lost his father, she wants him to understand one thing. 
The mother wants him to understand that “his father was selfless, and he gave his life for others. He saved his partners, he saved the people in that house, he put his life on the line for his community.” 
An emotional story about a police officer who made the ultimate sacrifice. My deepest condolences goes out to the family and friends of Officer Snyder, especially Malachi who lost his father at such a young age. 
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