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Sienna Duffield began developing ulcers in her mouth on her second birthday. It happened so suddenly and the problem only grew worse as painful blisters spread across her whole face. 
These blisters were itchy and even caused Sienna to bleed. Her mother, Savina French-Bell, was immediately concerned. 
“She stopped eating and every day for eight months was horrific, there was always blood on her clothes and I was scared to take her outside. Every day her skin would be stuck to pillows and there would always be blood everywhere,” she said. 

They had been to the hospital but none of the diagnoses or prescriptions were effective for little Sienna. Even more months passed and Savina decided to take Sienna to a private hospital and demanded that doctors run tests until they figure out what is causing the blisters on Sienna’s face. 
After many tests, doctors finally discovered that Sienna had contracted herpes. They think that she most likely got this from a well-intentioned family member who had kissed her in the past year. 
Sienna was finally able to get the right medication and a few months later her face had completely cleared up! Thankfully the infection hasn’t come back since then. 

“There is always a chance of it coming back but fingers crossed it won’t happen and her skin will stay as good as it is now,” Her mother said. “I was told that the older she gets the better her body will be at fighting off infections.” 
Thank God Sienna is better now! We are praying for her health and that this infection will not come back! 

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